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Living life, overcoming obsticles, finding my cornerstone!
Why did I start a blog?
Who the heck am I and why should anyone want to hear what I have go say? I have asked myself this very question on more than one occasion. First off, I am an author. I have published one book "The Conversation: When Poetry Becomes Faith In Motion". I am a muscian and song writter. But most of all I am someone with a voice and a desire to help people find the right course in this journey we call life.  It took me many years to straighten out my path, but I feel blessed to be able say I have met my cornerstone. We all need one, may I help you realize yours?
  1. 16 Jun, 2017
    This Little Light Of Mine!!
    In the bible it said that it is important to be a beacon of light. We find in Matthew 5:16 that we are called to let our light shine for the glory of the Father. There are many ways to accomplish this request from God's word. It is important not to be at all ashamed to call yourself a Christian. It is at the same time equally important to know how to carry that banner. We are called to show Jesus to the world, to introduce Him if you will. Establishing a relationship with Him is the first
  2. Half full, half empty!
    20 Jan, 2016
    Half full, half empty!
    Half full, half empty! Practicing gratitude is a ritual few have mastered. How often do you reflect on the blessings in your life? Are you able to identify all the blessings in your life? Having a mortgage and bills to pay is not a fun activity. And it can often seem a struggle to make the ends meet to enable you to pay those bills. But how about someone who has no home, or has lost their home? I bet from their prospective your glass is not half empty. The angle of which you view your
  3. A Thankful Season!
    24 Nov, 2015
    A Thankful Season!
    A THANKFUL SEASON    We have entered the season or giving thanks. Yes, it was necessary to set aside an actual holiday for this event. I understand the holiday represents a very special occasion in our history, but my point is, we have a valuable reason to be thankful each and every day.     The Thanksgiving holiday can represent many things to many people. Hopefully it’s a time of joy for most but it can also be full of stress. This is of course not the goal for assigning a holiday to the 4th
  4. The Proper Prospective!
    05 Oct, 2015
    The Proper Prospective!
    Finding the proper Prospective!      No matter the occasion. No matter the circumstances. No matter your attitude, or your opinion, everything in the end needs to be put into its proper prospective. That is if you expect to get a clear view of the situation at hand. Let’s take for instance two discouraged disciples who had walked with Christ. They had known him. They had witnessed him delivering miracles. But yet on their journey back home to Judea they were thinking maybe it had all been a